13-May-2021: OK, this is quite simple. This is the relaunch of the podcast's website. I'm a firm believer in the "KISS" principle. Since I moved the website to a new host, I won't be migrating all the episode information. I will start with the last episode produced and move on from there. This server is much faster and allows me more creativity with the website as well, but you'll also see more of my... Mistakes on occasion. Please let me know if you see one of my mistakes if I should miss one of them. Mahalo.

16-May-2021: Because of the counts across America. I have decided to link the site here on this page here: The count and forensic investigations are important, it'll show the nation once and for if there was election tampering or not. The site that link goes to says that there was no election tampering, others say otherwise, we shall see.

28-May-2021: Added the Miranda Warning Page and the US Constitution Page. These are here for your information. Everyone needs to know their rights under the law. As The show deals with the law, the Constitution is the basis of all laws in America. The Miranda warning has an interesting back story to it, I will cover it on a future show.