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Election Fraud: Yes, it's real.

 Election Fraud: Yes, it's real.

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Over hundreds of years since the party's founding, the Democratic Party of America has committed election fraud. Stuffing ballots, intimidation at the polls, and cooping (voting more than once). The latter is what many theorize is what killed Edgar Allen Poe. (

Many of the polls at the time had no booths for privacy so everyone knew who you voted for. So if you voted for the wrong person, you sometimes got beaten up or your head dunked in pig's blood. These were in the districts where Democrats controlled. The labor unions, where they were for the Democrats, they watched the polls. (Parts 1-5 this is the link to part 1: Parcast Network's Unsolved Murders Edgar Allen Poe: Part 1)

There are many more examples of the Democratic Party cheating to get the advantage. More recently was the debacle in California of the dead people voting for Hillary Clinton. More recently in Detriot, there was a debacle in their voter registration roll:
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No matter the time period, the left in America has cheated, and they are the minority in the country. The right is the majority. The silent majority wants peace and prosperity in the country. This isn't a conspiracy theory.

That was in Texas I believe. Now, just entering voter fraud into a search engine other than Google will bring up relevant results. I personally don't rely on the legacy media (aka: the alphabet networks, the MSM, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc) for news. They are the propaganda arm of the Democratic National Committee and the Chinese Communist Party. 

No, Joe Biden isn't President Elect just because the media said so. Some states haven't even finalized results. 

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