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Halloween Treat: Urban Legend, Koshima-san

Urban Legend: Koshima-san

There was once a woman named Kashima Reiko. She suffered abuse at home and was bullied at school. With no place to go, the girl considered suicide and threw herself onto the railway tracks. Her lower body was severed, but she didn’t die straight away. Her upper torso spent some time crawling around looking for the lower half of her body that had been cut off.

To all who hear this story, Kashima Reiko will appear to them within three days, late in the night. She will try to take your lower body, but there is an incantation you can recite to drive her away.

On the first day you can chant “Kashima-san” three times to make her disappear.

On the second day you can chant “Ka wa kamen no ka (ka is for the ka of mask), shi wa shibito no shi (shi is for the shi of dead person), ma wa mamono no ma (ma is for the ma of goblin)” and she will disappear.

But on the third day, no matter what you chant, nothing will work.

To completely drive Kashima Reiko away you must share this story with someone within three days. That is the only way to break her spell.

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