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Hawaii enters "Lock down"

This Post is being made as informative in nature for my listeners who live in Hawaii, and who may be visiting. 

As of 23-March-2020 at 1630 hours, HST Mayor Caldwell ordered the citizens of the City and Country of Honolulu to stay "at their places of residence". Several hours later Governor David Ige performed a press release, issuing the same order, citing the same laws. Just that he only stated that it would only mean a $5K fine for those who were caught not obeying the order.

When looking up the Hawaii Revised Statute that was cited in both the Mayor's and the Governor's Orders, it says a $5000 fine AND up to a year in prison. With the state's population of visitors, they BOTH should've stated that.

For those who live in Hawaii I have the State's Corona Virus link below:

For those who want to see the CDC's Corona Virus site:

That's it for now, wash your hands, maintain a safe social distance. Aloha, and see you next time on The Darker Side. 


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