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Episode 19: Patty Hearst

Patty Hurst

Patty Hearst was an unknown college freshman until she was kidnapped and brainwashed by a radical leftist group. Was she really brainwashed? Listen to find out more!

I mentioned the FBI as my source, I was mistaken, it was PBS.

The Symbionese Liberation Army or the SLA Kidnapped Patty Hurst, the heiress to the Hurst fortune. Today worth billions. They used interrogation tactics, and brainwashing tactics on her to break her down according to articles. They said it was for ransom, and to help people, but it helped very few in the end, and most ended up in jail after a shoot out with the FBI and the bombing at the United States Capitol.
Patty Hearst (Via SFPD)

Patty Hurst (Credit Unknown)

The Symbionese Liberation Army (Credit Unknown)

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