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Episode 37: Deadly Cat House

Election Fraud: Yes, it's real.

Episode 36: Lying Bug Killer

Episode 35: Jealousy Kills

Halloween Treat: Urban Legend, Koshima-san

Episode 34: The homicidal sleep walker

Episode 33: Disgruntled Clothing Designer

Episode: 32 Ham & Eggs

JJ Vallow & Tylee Ryan Update

Episode 31: Lei Oyama

Hoarding TP... AGAIN?

Episode 30: Bernell Trammell

Episode 29: Angela Summers

Episode 28: Jessica Doty Whitaker

Episode 27: Vanessa Guillen

Episode 26: Alyssa Turney

Episode 25: Botham Jean & Brooks APD Bodycam

BREAKING: JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan found!

Episode 24: Lori Klausutis

Episode 23: Jane Stanford

COVID tennis court rules

Kapolei Man bites the tip off a woman's finger off

Episode 22: The Missing Crown Jewels

UPDATE: JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan

MISSING: Shayla Smith-Akiona (Hawaii Island)

Episode 21: Peyton Leutner

Facemask Order for Honolulu

I'm on It's Haunted...What now?

Episode 20: Justin Lin

Episode 19: Patty Hearst

I'm On Nature vs. Narcissism!

Hawaii enters "Lock down"

Toilet paper madness in Oregon